We often hear of stories of Jews who kept their faith throughout history, and the many amazing sacrifices they made to make sure their children would still keep their faith.  But it’s extremely rare to see photographic evidence of these sacrifices.

Last night, Redditor atcaskstrength posted 24 photographs of a gorgeous contraption that at first seems like a simple teapot.  However, as the photographs progress, you see that this was an ingenious contraption used to allow Jews to practice their religion in hiding.  Items like this have been used since the Inquisition.  This item is one such piece, although unfortunately the information about the original time and place it was used seems to have been lost.
I messaged him and asked him I could post it here, and apparently he’s a fan of the blog so he said yes.  I’m very excited to present to you an abridged version of the “Hidden Synagogue” (link to the full gallery below):

Se destapa. Un Dreidel. Especias de Havdalah. Bessamin, perfumes . Vela de la llama eterna. Pergamino con Meguilá de Esther en buen estado. Caja de Etrog de Souccot. Hebreo,dice pri etz hadar. Candelabros Shabat. Platos de Pesaj. Una Janukiyá. Con shamash. Vuelta a armar.

The teapot

Take off the top piece...

It's a dreidle!

Next piece...

A spice holder

Next layer down.

The eternal flame.

A Megilla!

Etrog holder.


Shabbat candlesticks

A seder plate!

Everything open.

A Menorah!
I want to thank atcaskstrength for sharing this amazing gift with us.  It’s so beautiful to see how hard Jews worked to keep their faith, and I hope it inspires people to remember how real this faith really is and how hard we’ve worked to keep it within us.
To see the full, unedited gallery, check out the original imgur post atcaskstrength put up.