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"La religión del amor"


Un musulman de New-York bat sa femme à mort. Pour son avocate « battre sa femme » fait partie de sa culture.

Un pakistaní, Noor Hussain, habitante de Brooklyn  N.Y., le pega a su esposa hasta que la mata. Su esposa le había cocinado lentajas "vegetarianas" y no un guisado de carne de cabra que era lo que deseaba.
El abogado defensor del acusado  , la señora Julie Clark, alega que no tenía intencion de matar y que "viene de una cultura donde su conducta es apropiada, piensa que se puede pegar a la mujer para darle una buena lección..."

Sources : Frontpage Mag 23 mai 2014 par Daniel Greenfield

  1. Daniel Greenfield
    hace 18 horas - Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a ...

NYC Muslim Beats Wife to Death, Lawyer says Beating Women is “Customary” in his Culture

And it’s a female lawyer making the argument. I’ve written before about thewillingness of courts to excuse Muslim sexual assaults on women and children because it’s their culture. Now we’re expanding that to murder.
A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers.
Noor Hussain, 75, was so outraged over the vegetarian fare that he pummeled his wife, Nazar Hussain, 66, with a stick until she was a “bloody mess,” according to prosecutors and court papers.
Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Hussain beat his wife — but argued that he is guilty of only manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill her. In Pakistan, Clark said, beating one’s wife is customary.
“He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,” Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial. “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”
No doubt he did. That doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to kill her. If he beat her into a bloody mess, then it’s not as if he struck her a few times and she fell over.
More importantly, Julie A. Clark‘s argument allows Muslims to claim that they had no intent to kill in any situation in which they believed themselves justified in acting. So if they attack a Jewish person on the street and kill him, they can claim that they had no intent to kill because beating infidels is appropriate in their culture.
It raises the bar for proving the intent to kill when Muslim rape culture is introduced into the equation.

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