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Chelsea FC

El Club de football inglés, Chelsea FC , investiga el incidente que se produjo el pasado domingo  , cuando Yosi Benayoum (israelí)  reemplazó  a otro jugador fué objeto de  gritos antisemitas  e insultos proferidos por los mismos supporters del Club.
 Ver artículo de  The Algemeiner:

Israeli Chelsea Footballer Target of Anti-Semitic Slurs From Stands

APRIL 23, 2013 12:12 PM 3 COMMENTS
Yossi Benayoun. Photo: Wikipedia.
England’s Chelsea FC soccer club is investigating a tense situation at Sunday’s game, when Jewish player Yossi Benayoun was “racially abused” by the club’s own supporters.
Benayoun was the target of boos and anti-Semitic taunts from a section of his own side, all Chelsea fans, when he came on as a substitute during the team’s match against Liverpool on Sunday.
While team politics with celebrity players feeding the frenzy of the famously zealous British soccer fans and inebriated nature of the games all played a role, the racial taunting was perceived as excessive, crossing a line that made many people watching the game uncomfortable, hence the team’s formal investigation.
Benayoun since Tweeted to fans that he’s confident the club would “sort it.”
“There is some other issues the club is taking care and try to handle them in the right way … as sometimes people are crossing the limit. And I’m sure the club will sort it.”

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